USA East Coast by Train

Boston -- New York -- Philadelphia -- Washington, D.C.

Three days each in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Travel by AMTRAK train from one city to the next.

You can easily see these major cities of the USA East Coast by train thanks to the excellent level of service and convenient schedule offered by Amtrak. Taking the train is far more convenient than driving a car, because when you are exploring these cities you don't need a car, which would only get in the way. The train stations are centrally located in each city, making it easy to walk or take a short taxi ride to your hotel. Relax en route and let Amtrak take you there in comfort while enjoying fast, affordable rides.


Boston has a quaint European atmosphere, with abundant old brick buildings strung along narrow lanes, and yet it is the most American of places. Millions of visitors each year experience a wide variety of delights, including history, modern attractions, wonderful neighborhoods for walking, shops, restaurants, culture and the arts.

Boston is a city of neighborhoods with a mosaic of ancient and modern as you move from one part of town into another. The Financial Center is packed with new skyscrapers; yet the historic, charming streets of Beacon Hill and Back Bay date back hundreds of years; and the rest of the city, spreading over many miles, offers much for the visitor to discover. This is a great town for walking, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry your map.

New York

New York is the most interesting destination in the world to visit! (In my humble, experienced opinion.) As the most important city in the world, New York has a tremendous collection of amazing buildings, people, attractions and landmarks, which now await your discovery. Day one: Walk through Midtown; Museum of Modern Art. Day two: Walk through Lower Manhattan; then a bus tour. Day three: Madison Avenue, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History. You could very easily spend an entire week here, or a lifetime, and never run out of interesting things to do, but in keeping with our theme of getting the most out of three dyas in a place, we present three efficient days. Or, you could spread our itinerary over a full week if you have the time.


Philadelphia is the second biggest city on the East Coast -- and you know that Philadelphia is filled with American history, but do you realize how much fun it is? Here are some of the great places to explore that will keep you busy: Center City, Society Hill, Independence Park, Old Town, South Street, and visiting the Amish in Lancaster County. Philadelphia is an eminently walkable city, so wear comfortable shoes. Of course the main attraction here is Independence National Historical Park, established in 1956 and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Be sure to spend time taking a walking tour of downtown, known as Center City, which offers much to the visitor in the way of shops, parks, skyscrapers, and charming residential neighborhoods. And take time for those museums!

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the biggest free show in the world! Nowhere else on the planet can you find so much high-quality, vacation value for so little money. Museums and monuments are lined up from one end of Washington to the other, and you don't have to pay a dime to enter most of them.
Perhaps most appealing to the visitor are the significant national monuments to our great leaders like Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington himself. You can learn a lot about the fascinating history of America in your visit.  With so many museums to see, break them up over several days so you are not attempting to cover too much in one day. If you do one big museum today, then several more tomorrow, you can then complete the major museums on your third day.